Ground Support in Cave Mining – Part I

This workshop will feature the following presentations from SRK Consulting, Freeport-McMoRan,  New Afton, and North American Palladium.


Support in Weak Ground – Cassiar Case Study | Jarek Jakubec, SRK COnsulting

Appropriate and effective ground support is one of the key aspects of successful cave mine design. It is also one of the sources of poor performances and challenges of this method.  With caves venturing into more challenging environments such as high stress and seismic environment or very weak rock masses, traditional forms of ground support have to be reviewed and adjusted. Also, development of new numerical modeling techniques provide addition tool to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of ground support.


PTFI Ground Support Challenges and Solutions | Ryan Campbell, Freeport-McMoRan

Much has been learned through decades of supporting ground under a variety of rock mass and loading conditions at PTFI’s underground mines.  Our approach continually evolves to handle complex rock mass heterogeneity and ever increasing caving loads.  This presentation provides a snapshot of recent ground support challenges and solutions at PTFI.


Update on Henderson’s Cable Arch Drawpoint | Neil Shea, Freeport-McMoRan

A brief overview of the evolution of Henderson’s Cable Arch Drawpoint brow design and its performance.


Ground Support and Rehabilitation Methods at New Afton | Corey Kamp, New Afton

Discussion on the strategies employed to safely rehabilitate extraction drives and associated drawpoints that were subject to high convergence loading. The presentation will focus on the convergence rates, ground support changes, rehabilitation sequencing, and future planning.


Las des Iles Case Study: Open Stoping Past and Mass mining Future | Steven Olson, North American Palladium

Maintaining open stope production targets while transitioning to a new mining method just one sublevel apart presents many challenges, but will reap the benefits of a low cost extraction method.   Safety, seismicity, and productivity have all played key roles in the decision to implement this relatively unknown mining method in Canada.


Seismicity: A Comparison of Open Stoping and SLC | Cesar Ichillumpa, North American Palladium

An overview of seismic clusters, its relationship with geological features, stress redistribution, caving and contrast of strength properties of the rocks.

An overview of the seismic behaviour at LDI when mining using the long hole open stoping method and how rate of seismicity decreased when mining whit Sub Level Shrinkage method.


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