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Data Uncertainty and Data Variability: How These Important Parameters Influence the Characterization of Block Caving Fragmentation


Davide Elmo

First Presented:

Cave Mining Forum - Workshop II
Particularly at the earlier stages of a rock engineering project, the lack of appropriate data manifests itself in the form of increased uncertainty and difficulties in characterizing rock mass variability in an objective manner. When mine-scale problems are considered, it is not possible to sample all of the rock mass, therefore a relative large number of unknown parameters remains and model uncertainty increases. This presentation address several key questions about the characterization of fragmentation processes, for example: what are the critical parameters that we need to measure and what do we need to change in current practices? Engineers need to be aware of the implications that such limited knowledge (and increased uncertainty) could have on fragmentation analysis and mine design in general.

This presentation summarizes a talk given during the second workshop of the Cave Mining Forum.

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