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Fines Migration Modelling in PCBC


Tony Diering

First Presented:

Cave Mining Forum - Workshop II
GEOVIA’s PCBC software has been used to model fines migration in various ways for over twenty years. There are three different flow mechanisms in PCBC which allow some form of fines migration to be simulated. The first is Pre-Vertical Mixing in which fines material is assumed to move downwards faster than coarser components. The second and third are Template Mixing and Cellular Automaton in 3D (CA3D). These methods utilize probabilities applied to coarse and fines components. The presentation will outline how these methods work and provide examples showing how the fines migration can affect productions schedules, particularly with respect to early dilution entry. Examples of these methods will also be presented. The effectiveness of these tools as applied to projects with significant fines migration issues will be discussed. This presentation summarizes a talk given during the second workshop of the Cave Mining Forum.

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